Within the framework of a renting process/provision agreement :

We will provide an estimate for the prize by m²/year and will determine together the best way to present your site on the market.

We are responsible for all the process, from marketing to the signature of an agreement :

  • Price estimate to sell the property on the market
  • Internet advertisement (websites, portals) and on advertisement hoarding(s) and various signs
  • Contacting clients who are listed in our database et searching for new prospects
  • Negotiating all details related to the agreement with the client (+ checking the solvency of this latter)
  • Drafting the agreement (lease or provision agreement) and approval by the parties)
  • Signing the agreement with guarantee(s) and insurance
  • An inventory and statement of state of repair with photographic reports can be carried out


If you wish to sell your own building, site or property portfolio our evaluation will be based on :

  • construction price (including equipment and land value)
  • rental yield (in the context of a sale and lease back or a sale to investor)
  • recently made transactions for similar sites in your geographical sector
  • convenience value

Together we will determine the best market price for your asset, and take charge of all of the sales process whether it is an Asset Deal or Share Deal.


Need advice ? we will accompany you during your acquisition, construction or development projects to ensure they are perfectly optimised.

Thanks to our experience with the corporate-only real estate market we can guide you towards the best solutions in terms of division, equipment and extra-space you’d like to rent or sell. Our expertise also comes in handy for tips regarding the ratios you have to respect in order to have a smart and attractive site on the market, as well as informing you on the ‘details’ that can make a big difference in terms of (re)valorisation or reconversion of your building or site.




One more question ?

If you have more questions , send us a message and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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