Last deals

Last deals


We have installed the company COGEBI, world leader in the manufacture of components resistant to extreme conditions, on a semi-industrial site of 1010m² composed of 590m² of warehouses and 420m² of offices belonging to the inBW, in the Zoning of Saintes.


We rented a semi-industrial complex composed of 480m² of warehouse and 320m² of offices on a secured site to the firm TEL.IO in the Alleur Business Park.


We installed the company SOS OXYGENE on a site of 1075m² of which 670m² of warehouse and 405m² of offices (2 levels), entirely renovated for them, in the South Industrial Zone of Nivelles.


We have rented 5 warehouses of 340m², 480m², 510m², 700m² and 880m² to different SMEs such as PACT SOLUTIONS, GREEN BIRDS TRANSPORT, AVI GROUP and LMD MONTAGE in the Zoning of Lambusart in Fleurus. There are still 4 warehouses available on this site for which we have exclusive marketing rights.


We have rented a 460m² passive office building to ISO HEMP in the Fernelmont Industrial Park. This is their new administrative headquarters located close to all their warehouses.


After many months of negotiations, we finally managed to close the deal with the Dutch company COOL BLUE, on behalf of one of our clients. We rented them a 3.800m² logistic/office complex with 700m² of mezzanine offices located in the South Zoning of Nivelles. They will have 6 loading docks and a parking lot for 70 cars and vans.


We have installed the SOCO sign, car dealer specialized in second hand and new cars, in a superb Show-Room/Workshop/Office of nearly 1000m² in Verviers. In addition to a superb commercial visibility, they also have a magnificent secured ground which can accommodate not far from 50 cars. It is a question for them of activating a new point of sale in this precise geographical zone.


We have rented a 1320m² warehouse with 3 loading bays and an access ramp located in Genval, to the company STOCKLINE, wholesaler in white goods and household appliances. It is a question for them of optimizing their operation via a more adapted logistic center taking into account their continuous growth.


We installed the firm CRUSO, active in the design of high-end furniture, on a whole of 210m ² of offices and 340m ² of warehouse. Their new HQ is located on a craft site in the immediate vicinity of the railway station of Rhode-Saint-Genèse.


We have installed the firm DE VILLE ENTREPRISE in a new warehouse of 385m² for TERMICO in the South Zoning of Nivelles. 


We have sold 3 warehouses of 300m², 522m² and 800m² in the Zoning of Martinrou in Fleurus to small and medium sized companies of the region. The warehouses are part of a real estate portfolio for which we were in charge of the resale of a part.


We sold an industrial complex consisting of 5400m² of warehouses and 600m² of offices to SOGEM, a staircase manufacturing company. Their new site is located in the industrial zone of Lambusart in Fleurus. This deal was realized in partnership with our colleague Cushman & Wakefield.


We leased a 5000m² plot of land including 1000m² of warehouse and 180m² of offices for MOBIX on a secured semi-industrial site along the E42 in Seneffe.


We installed the intermunicipal company ORES ASSETS, manager of the electricity and natural gas distribution networks, on a 6500m² secured plot of land including 1650m² of new warehouse with 432m² of integrated offices. Their new site is located in the PAE of Fernelmont.


We have sold a 10.000m² plot of land for SATIC MINERA in the industrial zone of Soignies.


We have installed for the account of inBW, the company active in prestige cars, J-A-S CARS, on a site composed of 575m² of warehouse and 260m² of offices. The whole is located in the North Zoning of Wavre.

ENATO / Share Deal

We sold to one of our investors, a mixed complex of 960m² (100% rented) on 3000m² of land, on the edge of the Chaussée de Tubize in Wauthier-Braine.


We installed one of our carrier clients in a brand new 5184m² logistics hall on the MEDI MARKET site in Nivelles South. It was a question of finding a solution for the use of a part of their operational center which they do not have any use for the moment.


We rented a 2400m² warehouse to NORRIS TRANSPORT INTERNATIONAL on the new ECOCUP site in Grâce-Hollogne.

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